Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Informatica at the university in Como

I have mentioned in an earlier post that, as a result of university reform, the faculty of science in Como decided to close the informatica course in Como. As a result we informatici asked to transfer to the seat in Varese (smae university - Insubria) to support the informatica course there (which has need of staff).

This caused tremendous excitement in Como, with many newspaper articles and television commentary (which I didn't see). The latest thing is that there has been a question in parliament in Rome.

We have the feeling of being a capro espiatorio (scape goat) for all the problems of the university in Como. Today there is a university senate meeting which may/will discuss the matter.

Yesterday there was a surprising development. It seems that after years of neglect of the Como informatica course we are in fact pregiati. Como, or some section of the Como establishment, wants our course to continue.

I don't think it will happen - it would require closing some course dear to the hearts of the Science faculty.

Update: Como science faculty presented to the senate the proposal to discontinue the Como infomatica course. The senate accepted this and decided to accept our transferral to Varese.
I assume that our Como degree will continue at least till current students complete, that is for two more years. I would like to record in a later post some facts about our laurea course. I think it was an excellent course and we worked hard to support it. In particular Nicoletta Sabadini made a huge effort towards its success.

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