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It is now more than a year since I began regularly posting to this blog. I see that I actually started the blog in 2005 with some irregular posting and I had done blog-like posts before when I was in Sydney. The motivation, I have to admit, has been principally objections to things, though I have tried not to seem too negative.

The posts in 2005 were about what seemed to me to be an error in Andy Tannenbaum's book on operating systems. I wrote to him several times over several years but couldn't get an answer from him, so I wrote a post. I still haven't managed to get anyone to agree or disagree with my comment (not just to the post but in conversation, in lectures etc) so that post didn't resolve anything.

Another series of posts, from which however I learnt a great deal, were a result of my dissatisfaction with process algebras.

However the main energy behind this blog has been the struggles at the University of Insubria, including the closure of our course in Informatica at Como. I was so distressed by the misinformation occurring in some local newspapers that I needed an outlet.

I have tried always to be diplomatic in the blog, not saying saying anything too explicitly to avoid upsetting anyone. This seems to have worked, although I did overstep the bounds once it seems.

Although the energy has come from rants, I feel now that there is some kind of conversation going on, with few people maybe, but also with other blogs, and I enjoy it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the person responsible for one of those other blogs, I have been wondering lately what I do it for. My experience was similar to yours: I started for a reason which quickly became irrelevant but decided to continue, partly because of the good conversations we have (e.g. on the Tuesday boy), and partly because I can't shake off teacher mode and like to explain things to people.

So I hope you decide to continue.

But one of my favourite blogs is Diamond Geezer, who today is lamenting that the number of blogs who have him on their blogroll is monotonically decreasing, suggesting that blogging is going out of fashion (perhaps because of all the other "social media" we have these days). Curious, that. Once, I swore that blogging wasn't for me because I didn't want to let a piece of writing out until I had carefully considered it. Now a blog seems very considered and mature when compared to other outlets...

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