Thursday, November 28, 2013

Last days II

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my last days as professor at the University of Insubria, Como, were complicated by a sudden change of office. I don't remember whether I mentioned that I also had to complete a course on security obligatory for all teachers and staff of the university, the final date of which was my last working day. Although not relevant for me since I have no duties regarding safety in the university after my retirement I was afraid there might be legal consequences if I did not complete the course as specified.

I thought these complications were an aspect of Italian life, but I see now similar problems occur in England. In Peter Cameron's blog he racounts being removed from his office, and losing his status as a lecturer before his course ended. He had my problem of what to do with all the books and papers.

(When I decided to leave the University of Sydney in 1998 I was careful not to tell anyone about it till the last moment exactly for fear of being regarded prematurely redundant.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've taken the view that, if I fail to do one of their courses and legal action is taken, it won't be against me since I am not an employee.

In fact, a health and safety course did come up and they tried to bribe us into doing it by the offer of a free eye test. But since I am over 65 I get free eye tests anyway (and when this came, I had just had one).

My finger is a lot quicker on the delete button than it used to be!

Anyway, welcome to the Old Codgers!

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