Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life in Italy 6: Student fees

Recently there has been protests from the students at the University of Insubria because they say their fees have increased, in some cases by a factor of three, owing to a new method of calculating fees.

The pro-rector of the university, Giorgio Conetti, is quoted as follows in the Corriere di Como:
«A causa della grave limitazione del finanziamento pubblico alle Università, l’impegno per il mantenimento invariato dell’offerta didattica sarà particolarmente gravoso e la componente della contribuzione studentesca al bilancio universitario diverrà più significativa».

This maintenance of the courses is in the face of the reform which (you may have seen below) requires that the faculty of Science in Como will require 112 staff instead of the present 84 or so.

A student in a course for which there are many enrolled might be tempted to think that she is being required to pay for the luxury of other courses which have very small enrollment.



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