Monday, September 21, 2009

Interdisciplinary research 1969-1989-2009

I realized just now that this year has a certain significance for me. I finished my PhD in 1969 (submitted January 1970). For 20 years I taught mathematics and did research in category theory (I had written two papers on number theory before that, and my book on number theory is being translated into Japanese at the moment.)

In 1989 I gave my first course on categories and computer science. So for 20 years I have been doing research on computer science. (I am now professor of computer science in Como, and have taught operating systems for 8 years.)

The point of this post is that I feel to be at last a interdisciplinary researcher in depth, even though I am still much better accepted in the category theory community than in the computer science community. (I think that is partly due to the delay in the acceptance of ideas - my papers of the 1970's are still quoted, so that my categorical work has had 40 years of exposure.)

I am curious to know if my computer science research will be quoted in 20 years.

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