Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life in Italy: reform of the Universities

I have written before about the law 270. Now we are speaking about the duesettantuno, because the 270 is gradually evolving. It seems now that the rules of the law 270 will be in practice even more severe.

Here I want to discuss a point that I have not seen discussed, namely the transition period from the old law to the new.

This year 2009 we have activated at Insubria all the old courses. The 270 comes into force in 2010. For the Science faculty at Como the 270 requires that the courses be cut in 2010 by 25 percent.

But there is a severe contradiction here: courses cannot close in one year. Students who commenced a course have the right to finish it, in the following two years (or one year in the case of the specialistica).

It is difficult to hide from this contradiction because when staff are assigned to courses in the ministerial computer it will be painfully evident.

Another example of Italian furbizia, and escamotage.



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