Thursday, April 07, 2011

Italian enterprise

Italian academics have discovered Spin-offs (the english word is used, though in a sense particularly Italian). The small set of offices where I work in Como now contains three Spin-offs. One, called Light in Light occupies the meeting room where we used to hold seminars, meetings of department, televised lectures (transmitted to Varese), discussion with graduate students etc. The second called Opensoftengineering occupies the office which used to be occupied by graduate students, visitors etc. The last, which is perhaps not technically a Spin-off, but is certainly a centre, is called the Centro di Ricerca in Knowledge and Service Management for Business Applications, and occupies what was formerly a staff office.

The Varese pole of the university has been even more enterprising with a Foundation called Mind the Bridge. (To my Australian ears this name is a little unfortunate with echoes of "mind your step!" or "mind your head!").

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