Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I mentioned in an earlier post that I had bought an Amazon Kindle reader. At that point I had had the Kindle for a week or so and it seemed to me a revolutionary device (more so for me than an Ipad).
 I started putting all my document (in pdf) on the Kindle, as well as buying some books (which arrived instantaneously). I found it really easy to read books with the paper-like screen. (I have never been able to have the kind of interaction with a computer screen that I have always had with books, in which one is not conscious of the medium.)
We have a big problem with the volume and weight of our books. When I moved to Italy I brought 70 boxes of books, leaving many behind. I really needed books in English, and I still prefer to read books in English.  It seemed that I did not need to add to that volume in future.
Then I had a surprise. I had been treating my Kindle like a book, but certainly not worse than a computer or a mobile phone. But one day the screen froze.
I wrote to Amazon who were extremely cooperative and offered to replace the Kindle. I had some doubts because it seemed to me that the device is more fragile than I hoped.
My confidence has returned. The new Kindle has a cover which I strongly recommend. I still believe it is a revolutionary device.
The family now has now have two Kindles and is considering a third.

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