Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coimbra and Varese Conferences

I am giving a lecture today at the ICTCS conference in Varese with title The algebra and geometry of networks in which I discuss a program written by Filippo Schiavio and work on the blocked-braid groups by Davide Maglia, two students in Como.
I already spoke on these topics at the conference in honour of George Janelidze in Coimbra in July (the slides are available at
That lecture however was for mathematicians while the one in Varese is for theoretical computer scientists.
I will update this post shortly to give a link to the Varese slides, so you can see how I have attempted to modify the lecture for the different audience.

Update Here are the promised links to the abstract and the slides of the ICTCS 2012 lecture, with coauthors Davide Maglia, Nicoletta Sabadini and Filippo Schiavio.
The abstract
The slides

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