Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ricordo di Aurelio Carboni, Matematico e Filosofo

I have just received a volume of "Il Protagora" in which there is a section devoted to Aurelio's memory.
There are four articles all in
Il Protagora, Volume XL, July-December 2013, sesta serie, n. 20
The articles are
Fabio Minazzi, Un ricordo di Aurelio Carboni, pp. 489-494
F. William Lawvere, Farewell to Aurelio, pp. 495-498
R.F.C. Walters, Working with Aurelio - Tangled Lives, pp. 499-504
George Janelidze, An open letter to Aurelio Carboni and all Mathematicians who remember him, pp. 505-513

Prepublication versions of three of the papers are at the Como Category Archive.



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