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My 1992 FTP site

Don't believe any links, or email addresses. Almost all have disappeared. Notice the strange domain name for mathematics at Sydney.

We did not get to see the web until at least 1993 when Mosaic came out (though we had to use Chimera on the Appollos). I haven't found my first email but I think it was around 1985 when I went to conferences announcing the importance of email, in particular to us in Australia. Hard to remember those times.

ftp site at the University of Sydney


ftp site at the University of Sydney

Date: Thu, 2 Apr 92 13:35:18 +10

      Category theory material
         Available by Anonymous FTP

This file is README in the sydcat directory of,, accessible by anonymous ftp.

The sydcat directory is for FTP distribution of recent publications, programs,
seminar listings and other material of the Sydney Category Theory Group, and the 
Sydney Categories in Computer Science Group.  These groups consist 
of mathematicians and computer scientists and students at the University 
of Sydney and Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia,
including the following:

 Murray Adelman
 Brian Day
 Robbie Gates
 Amitavo Islam
 Mike Johnson
 Giulio Katis
 Max Kelly
 Stephen Lack
 Mark Leeming
 Stephen Ma
 Wafaa (Moynham) Khalil
 Wesley Phoa   
 Usha Sridhar
 Ross Street 
 Sun Shu-Hao
 Bob Walters


FTP LOGIN.  Give the following commands.

Login: anonymous   (if you don't have an account on maths)
Paswd: yoursurname   (though any string will work)
 bin    (if you are retrieving a .dvi file)
 prompt off   (if you want no ? prompts from mget)
 cd sydcat   (change directory to _public/sydcat
 ls -lt    (see what's there, most recent first)
 mget filename-1 ... filename-n (e.g.   mget catcurrent.Z)
 quit    (exit from FTP)

DVI.  If you wish to print paper, calg say, retrieve calg.dvi and
associated .eps and .sty files from the subdirectory calg (cd calg first).
You must first give the bin command to ftp since .dvi files are not 
text files.  You will then need a dvi to postscript converter
which will include the .eps files. Print the resulting postscript file
on your host.

PROBLEMS.  If you have problems in either retrieving or compiling
papers, please contact Bob Walters.

NOTE.  Please note that the IP satellite link between Australia and the rest of the
world is saturated most of the time.  Large file transfers to non-Australian
sites should be spaced out, and should preferably take place between the
hours 2300 and 0800 local Eastern Australian time (the local time appears in
the ftpd banner at connection).

===========================Available papers=================================    

The following files and directories are available:

addresses/catcurrent The  Category Theory address list 
   maintained by Max Kelly and Michael Johnson
   Updated 5 March 1992

addresses/structdir Vaughan Pratt's latest email address list
   Updated 1 December 1991
                        Release 3.0
   Master copy: Boole.Stanford.EDU:~ftp/pub/struct.dir
   Maintainer: Vaughan Pratt,

addresses/structdir_max Max Kelly's corrections to structdir
   3 Dec 1991

papers/walters/af A directory containing af.dvi for the paper

   M. S. Johnson, R.F.C. Walters, Algebra Families

papers/walters/como A directory containing como.dvi and
   some associated postscript files for the paper:

   S. Carmody, R.F.C. Walters, Computing quotients of
   actions of a free category.

papers/walters/calg A directory containing calg.dvi and
   some associated postscript files for the paper:

   S. Carmody, R.F.C. Walters, The Todd-Coxeter Procedure
   and Left Kan Extensions.

papers/walters/coinv A directory containing coinv.dvi for the 

   G.M. Kelly, Stephen Lack, R.F.C. Walters

papers/walters/imp A directory containing imp.dvi.Z for the paper
   R.F.C. Walters, An imperative language based on 
   distributive categories

papers/walters/imp2 A directory containing imp2.dvi.Z for the paper
   Wafaa Khalil, R.F.C. Walters, An imperative language
   based on distributive categories, II.

papers/walters/ext A directory containing ext.dvi.Z for the paper

   Aurelio Carboni, Stephen Lack, R. F. C. Walters, An introduction to 
   extensive and distributive categories.

papers/phoa  Contains notes and papers by Wesley Phoa.
   His current email address, till July 1992, is:  

   [Note that the subdirectories contain postscript files only.  The papers
   fibs,topoi,(bohm),poly,pcf  may not be in their final form and should
   be treated as drafts.  Comments will be gratefully received.  8/3/92]

papers/phoa/     "Fibrations (outline)"
                        --an informal introduction to fibrations, with a
                          view to the semantics of typed lambda-calculi

papers/phoa/    "Toposes (outline)"
                        --an informal introduction to toposes, with a
                          categorical flavour, including a detailed
                          description of the internal language of a topos

papers/phoa/    "Effective domains and intrinsic structure"
                        --describes a category of `synthetic domains'
                          in the effective topos

papers/phoa/    "Building domains from graph models"
                        --ditto, in the realizability topos arising from
                          the r.e. graph model of the lambda-calculus 

papers/phoa/     "From term models to domains"
                        --ditto, for the closed term model in which
                          terms with the same Bohm tree are identified

papers/phoa/      "A proposed categorical semantics for Pure ML"
                              (with M. P. Fourman, LFCS)
                        --sketch of a semantics for SML using synthetic
                          domain theory; focuses on the Modules system

papers/phoa/ "Using fibrations to understand subtypes"
                        --informal account of categorical models for  
                          subtyping and bounded quantification

papers/phoa/     "A simple categorical semantics for first-order
                        --describes how any cartesian closed category can
                          be used to model ML polymorphism, using the
                          notion of `polynomial category'

papers/phoa/      "A note on PCF and the untyped lambda-calculus"
                        --proof of computational adequacy of an untyped
                          translation of call-by-name PCF

papers/phoa/eff         "The effective topos (outline)"   -- also a draft!!
                        --an informal introduction to recursive realizability,
                        the PER model, omega-sets, the effective topos and
                        the small complete category of modest sets

pmreports  List of Research Reports of the Pure Mathematics
   Department, University of Sydney, Australia
   Updated regularly.

seminars/sydcat  A directory containing sydcat.tex and macros.
   sydcat.tex is a listing of seminars given at the
   Sydney Category Seminar
   Not being currently maintained.

seminars/cics  A directory containing cics.tex and macros.
   cics.tex is a listing of seminars given at the
   Sydney Categories in Computer Science Seminar.
   Updated regularly.
programs/kan_1.0 A directory containing source and input files for
   kan (vers 1.0)  (Sean Carmody, Craig Reilly, Bob Walters)
     An implementation of the algorithm developed in 1990 by 
   Carmody & Walters to compute (finite) left Kan extensions 
   is now operational (programmed by Reilly and Carmody).

     There are also some sample input files as well as a file 
   called which gives further details of the program
   and one called README which describes the sample input files. 
   If you experiment with the program, we would be very interested 
   to hear any comments or suggestions (especially with regards 
   any bugs which you -- hopefully won't -- find).
     Future versions of the program will include a more 
   standardised i/o format, and will renumber the elements of 
   the output sets will be of the form {1,2,..,n} (a set which 
   may currently be given as {1,3,7} would become {1,2,3}).

                    Sean Carmody.
      21 May 1991

programs/kan_2.0 A later version of kan, but Sean left Sydney for Cambridge
   before it was properly documented.

old   A directory containing old versions of things prior to deletion.

Bob Walters
Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
Internet:  Phone: +61 2 692 2966  FAX: +61 2 692 4534




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