Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Category Theory 2009, Cape Town

I have just returned from Cape Town and the CT 2009 conference, whose guiding spirit was George Janelidze. The area in and around Cape Town is very beautiful. George and his children Zurab and Tamar were incredibly hospitable.

Maybe because I am Australian I enjoyed most the talks by Steve Lack, on the demimonde, and Ross Street, on Frobenius functors. (Of course I cannot comment on talks for which I was (co)author.) I enjoyed also the talk of Dusko Pavlovic.

Bob Pare continues his work on double categories - he has in mind the algebra of categories, functors and bimodules. Naturally there is a comparison to be made with our work on cartesian bicategories. So far I remain unconvinced by the double category point of view.

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