Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the news again

In the past few days all the members of the University have received emails from a president of a faculty here in Como suggesting that the Rector and the Rector Vicario resign. Other emails have been received from another president, and an ex president in Varese.
 I report on this publicly because the matter has been taken up by the Como newspapers (and I think also in a national newspaper) with one headline being:
Tre presidi contro il rettore
Insubria: "E' il collasso".

Another article is headed "Salvare la dignità e rispettare Como".

These are difficult times in the University system in Italy but I remain firmly of the opinion that the main problem of the University in Como is the lack of students of the Faculty of Science in Como. The number of new students this year may well exceed by very little the number of lecturing staff, even though this year new first year students of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry were relieved of the necessity to pay fees.

Added: In this whole affair there is an internet effect. The ease and rapidity of sending a message from any staff member to all staff, in some cases without even correcting spelling and grammatical errors, has the result that the discussion is extremely dramatic and heated. It also leaks into the local press and becomes even more inflamed. An investigation into the leaks would be interesting.

I must say that I do not write to mailing lists for this reason. I prefer to write to this blog which nobody is forced to read. I also do not like very much the comment section of blogs unless they are strictly moderated.



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