Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stephen L. Bloom

It has been a great sadness to us to learn that our good friend and collaborator Steve Bloom died on 11th October. He had been sick for some time. We would like to express our sympathy to his wife Cynthia Graae, daughters Valeria and Paula Bloom and his brother Peter Bloom.

We will always remember his intelligence and humour and the good times we had with him in Sydney and Italy. We will plant a tree at our mountain house in Roncola in his memory.

Bob and Nicoletta

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Anonymous marta bunge said...

I was privileged to meet Steve in Calais and hear his lecture. I was even more impressed when he told me that he was a musician. He did not seem sick then. My condolences to you Bob on the loss of a friend and collaborator.

Marta Bunge

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Raboanary Julien said...

I was one of Steve Bloom PhD student,I just want to say He is the Best
Raboanary Julien, ISPM Madagascar

9:31 AM  

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