Friday, April 20, 2012

On the changes occurring in scientific publication

I was going to write "On the decline of Science" but I am trying to maintain some hope.

This particular post arises from two sources. The first is the fact that these days I regularly receive email asking me to submit to, or to organize a session of a conference I have never heard of, and which seems to have no particular connection to my field of research. In other words, there seems to be in these days the creation of fake conferences apparently in response to the fake evaluation proceedures which are now being introduced into university systems.
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The Como Category Theory Archive

I have just started a site where I intend to collect all the archival material I have lying around about Category Theory, in particular of the Sydney Category Seminar, of conferences, of unpublished notes, photographs et cetera. I will also try to give links to other sites with archival material on category theory.

I will begin rather randomly, but as I proceed I hope to organize the material. The site will be at

I announce this site prematurely in order to force myself into action.


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Why choose an academic career today?